Completed projects

During the years, the efforts of this well-balanced and united team have been rewarded with a series of professional achievements regarding the successful completion of a number of complex innovative projects:

  • 1996 – Postbank and NeftInvest bank use a centralized system for intra-bank real-time transfers
  • 1997 – a centralized securities trade system, based on a standard SQL database - Oracle, is adopted by Postbank
  • 1999 – Postbank’s customers are able to use a product for online banking - RemoteBank
  • 2000 – cooperation with Corporate Bank starts with a new version of the banking system, based on the idea of full centralization
  • 2001 – CSoft becomes a Microsoft Certified Partner
  • 2002 – a unique in-house developed solution enabling parallel server operation is adopted by Postbank, where in the process of data centralization, during the period from May till November, the volume of processed data grows immensely: the number of entries in the customer index exceeds 900 000, and the analytical account entries reach 1 000 000
  • 2003 – Postbank is migrated to MS SQL. Within one calendar year, such migration is completed for all of CSoft’s customers
  • 2004 – a multifunctional Internet-based remote banking system is adopted by Corporate Bank
  • 2005 – for a period of only six months, a project for full centralization of Municipal Bank and implemetation of CSoft's products is completed
  • 2006 – CSoft’s quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2000
  • 2007 – the project for centralization and migration of DZI Bank’s information system is completed successfully. A new, even greater challenge is following: in relation to the legal merger procedure of Postbank and DZI Bank, a project for consolidation of both banks’ information systems is acomplished in extremely short terms
  • 2008 – a CSoft IT solution is successfully adopted by the National Guarantee Fund EAD
  • 2009 - a specialized peripheral system for analysis, evaluation and classification of risk exposures and for calculating the size of the necessary provisions to cover credit risk has been completed. Its application successfully passes tests and covers the requirements within the Microsoft partner program “Platform Test for ISV Solutions”
  • 2010 – an innovative company application has been adopted, providing optimization of the bank customer services by means of most up-to-dated technical devices: Touch Screen monitors, electronic pens, specialized scanners, card readers, etc.
  • 2011 – according to an assignment of an international hedge fund, based in the United Kingdom, a new product for investment portfolio management has been developed and adopted - Portfolio Investment Management System (PIMS)
  • 2012 - migration to Unicode is implemented, which enables storing and retrieving of data in the national language of each user. This, in fact, makes CSoft's solutions applicable all over the world, without any restrictions related to user language
  • 2013 - two banks of the TBIF Financial Services B.V. group adopt the IT solutions of CSoft. In March begins the migration of TBI Bank - Romania, and in August completes the one of TBI Bank - Bulgaria