Software Developer Internship
We invite you to become part of the annual internship programs of CSoft. During the years we owe our long-lasting success mostly to our united and responsible team of experienced professionals and motivated young specialists. For 9 years, through our internship programs, we have taken on the responsibility to build a bridge between the academic knowledge of IT enthusiasts and the business practices in a practical environment. We judge the success of our initiative by the fact that every second intern receives an offer to work at CSoft and everyone who receives such an offer starts a permanent job with us. The internship we conduct is a practical training, during which a complete, small application is gradually built, which is not related to the subject of activity of our company and is entirely owned by the intern. Each stage begins with a short theoretical-practical lesson, after which a task is set, which should be completed by the next lesson.

During the internship you will have the opportunity to:

  • Acquire invaluable professional skills
  • Feel the dynamic work atmosphere
  • Gain experience in a real environment
  • Use current technologies
  • Exchange good practices with professionals in the field
  • Create your own completed application
  • Develop teamwork skills
  • Have fun in our relaxation areas at the office


  • The internship will last from 4 to 6 weeks. During this period it is necessary to be angaged at least 6 hours a day, from Monday to Friday. The goal is to receive quick and adequate support for the tasks, to gain a sense of teamwork and to build a real assessment of whether CSoft is the place for your future development. This time is not strictly regulated and will be consistent with your studies and personal commitments. Depending on the active regulations in connection with the pandemic, the internship will be conducted at our office or online.

Apply if:

  • You have knowledge of C ++ and OOP
  • You are ready to start a permanent work immediately after the internship

Apply by sending a CV in European format with an up-to-date photo.

All applications will be considered in complete confidentiality and in accordance with applicable regulations. In order not to waste your time, only approved candidates will be invited for an interview. By applying, you voluntarily provide your personal data and agree CSoft Ltd. to process them for the purposes of this selection.