CSoft was Main Partner of “Innovation Explorer 2020“
12 March 2020

On February 20th CSoft was one of the main partners of the international forum “Innovation Explorer 2020” held at Sofia Event Center. The participants in it had the opportunity to learn from Bulgarian and international speakers about the latest innovations in different areas of our lives - education, business and government. The leading idea was that technology helps people in their activities and it should not displace them, but push humanity to progress. Innovation helps us to develop the tools of our daily routine as well as finding new ways of solving global problems such as air pollution, for example. It even outlines the path to the realization of years ago called futuristic ideas, such as how to colonize Mars. In order to improve the workflow and to achieve better results, we are observing innovations not only in technologies in different economic sectors, but also in the approach of people management. We also talk about social innovation aimed at engaging the eldest and preserving their sense of importance in society.

The event outlined the steps that could position Bulgaria among the most innovative countries on a global scale and gave us confidence that it is fully achievable.